Payment and Insurance

For all office visits, we ask that you come prepared with all current insurance cards and necessary referrals. At the time of service, we ask that you pay any copays, coinsurance or deductible due. This helps keep the expense of additional billing from affecting our fees. Ocean Eye Institute is a participating Medicare provider. This means we accept assignment on all Medicare claims and accept the amount allowed by Medicare claims as our charge to you. Since Medicare pays only 80 percent of the allowable amount, we are required to collect from you the remaining 20 percent and any deductible that has not been met.

HMOs. We participate with most, but it is the patient's responsibility to know his or her own referral and co-pay requirements.

Private insurance, there are many different insurance companies whose coverage's vary considerably. Unless we participate with your company, we expect payment in full on the day of services for eye care other than surgery. Our receipts for paid services include all the information necessary for your insurance company to process your claim for reimbursement. We will bill your insurance for surgeries and costly procedures and balance bill you afterwards.

Pre-certification. We will assist you in obtaining pre-certification if you inform us that one is required. It is the patients responsibility to know the terms of his or her insurance coverage.

Workman's Compensation. We are happy to participate with Workman's compensation as long as proper authorization from your employer is obtained.

Billing department. Our billing representatives are available to answer any insurance or billing questions. If you are in doubt as to your insurance coverage, it is always best to check first with your insurance company before receiving any service from us. If you are unsure about any bill you receive from us, we will be happy to explain the statement, our billing procedures, or the benefits explanation from your insurance company.

Our fees are within the normal range for this area and reflect the high level of care that you will receive and the level of training and expertise of the physician and staff. We strive to keep your costs at an absolute minimum. If you have a special financial hardship, please feel free to ask for assistance in arranging a financial plan.