Deborah McCarroll

I went to Ocean Eye Institute after seeing 3 very well known eye doctors in Toms River for severe dry eye disease. I spent hundreds of dollars on prescription eye drops that did absolutely nothing to help me. I cannot explain how painful and uncomfortable severe dry eye I can be. It can be debilitating. Each time I went to an eye Dr. I was given a different diagnosis and different prescriptions. Nothing worked, nor did they even take the time to listen to my concerns or diagnose me correctly. Hence, I was told by a friend to go to Dr. Lautenberg at Ocean Eye. I will admit I was hesitant, another eye Dr. that won’t listen or care, but I went anyway in search of some kind of relief. And that is, thank god exactly what he gave me! He actually took the time to listen to me, performing every test he could to help me. By process of elimination I got the right medication for my eyes and finally relief! And it did not involve hundreds of dollars on wasted eye drops. I have been seeing Dr. Lautenberg now for almost 2 years and I cannot say enough good things about him. He is caring, he listens, and he truly wants to help. I recently had an eye surgery he performed last week and am doing great! I don’t do Dr reviews ever, but I had to let people know as I see so many posts asking for a good eye Dr in this area. Dr. Lautenberg is your guy trust me. I am no longer debilitated by my eyes, which to me is amazing! My dry eye is not cured but it is now manageable with the right protocol of drops that DID work, I actually have permanent relief. The office staff is great, wait times minimal. Don’t waste your time on these other doctors like I did, go to Dr. Lautenberg first, I wish I had.